Breakfast Club is open at 8am, the children who require it will be given breakfast before being taken to school in time for 9am*.

For After school Care, children will be collected at 3pm * and taken back to the setting where they will be given a snack, encouraged to do their homework (if applicable) then allowed to play until 6pm.  

Activities such as Arts and Crafts, Xbox, Wii, Construction, Dressing Up, Role Play, house corner, variety of books and outdoor play will be available each day for the children to choose.

* Drop off and pick up is on foot, therefore is available only from Stepps Primary, Stepps and St Josephs Primary, Cardowan.

Holiday Club is available all school holidays and in service days for 50 weeks per year (NOT available for the two weeks Christmas holiday as the setting is closed).

On school holiday days, children can be booked in from 8am-6pm and will be provided with activities as stated.  Additionally, we will also arrange non-compulsory day trips (payable separately) such as cinema, safari park etc.

Holiday club is open to children from any school, however, priority will be given to children who attend our After school/Breakfast club before others will be considered.